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Popeyes Chicken Nuggets Menu Prices in the United States

Popeyes Chicken Nuggets Menu Prices: When Popeyes debuted their Popeyes chicken sandwich to an unsuspecting public some two years ago, they unleashed what’s now known as the chicken sandwich war. A sandwich slug fest like no other, with the brand after brand proclaiming victory. For what it’s worth I’ve pretty much tried them all and for my money, the Popeyes original still stands supreme.

Popeyes just revealed their upcoming move, a venture into the chicken nugget market. Popeyes claims that the new nuggets are freshly made, beginning to finish, in restaurants every day, marinated for 12 hours, and hand-battered in a buttermilk coating. The hook was straightforward: they would take the main appeal of the chicken sandwich and transform it into poppable bits. Additionally, according to Popeyes’ Amy Alarcon, who recently spoke with Restaurant Business Online, the Nuggets are made with whole-muscle chicken breast that has been chopped and shaped atypically to avoid appearing “cookie-cutter.”

Popeyes Chicken Nuggets Menu Prices1
Popeyes Chicken Nuggets Menu Prices

The following sizes and costs are available for the Nuggets in my neighbourhood shop in Salt Lake City, Utah:

Chicken Nuggets
8PC Nugget Combo$10.79
12PC Nugget Combo$13.19
4PC Nugget Kids Meal$4.72
6PC Nugget Kids Meal$5.6
8PC Nugget Dinner$6.04
12PC Nugget Dinner$8.02

The popeyes menu prices listed are for plain ala carte nuggets. In addition to a variety of combinations and entrees, Popeyes also provides 4 and 6-piece kids’ meals with the new nuggets.

So. Drumroll. Are the new Popeyes Chicken Nuggets truly a game changer? Are we ready to witness the beginning of a new war over chicken nuggets?

The first impressions are positive. Unlike some businesses that shove their expensive new product in the same old boring bag, Popeyes has designed new packaging for the product release. You’ve never tasted nuggets like these before, says the container that holds the nuggets, which is an eye-catching Popeyes orange colour.

How much is 48 nuggets at Popeyes?

Popeyes’ delectable chicken nuggets, which were off from the menu for nine years, are at last being brought back. Currently, the fast food restaurant giant is stealthily introducing the dish in a few shops around the nation.

Recently, certain restaurants across the nation have started serving the nuggets that were removed from the menu in 2012. According to Chew Boom, Popeyes locations in Ohio, Texas, Connecticut, and Arkansas had the pleasure of taking part in the brand’s prized fried chicken pieces’ initial distribution strategy.

The restaurant chain’s renowned juicy chicken breasts are used to make chicken nuggets. There are eight, twelve, twenty-four, thirty-six, and eighty chunks of the white meat, which is encased in thick, crispy buttermilk breading. The price for an order of eight pieces is approximately $3.69 USD, while the 48-piece option costs $19.99 USD. Nevertheless, pricing could change depending on where you are.

Popeyes currently sells chicken tenders, which are comparable to nuggets in several ways. The nuggets, however, should be more crunchy and come in smaller chunks of white chicken.

How much are 8 Popeyes chicken nuggets?

On July 13, the franchise made its new menu item public. The price of the nuggets is $3.99 for an order of eight pieces and $5.89 for an order of twelve. (They additionally offer larger, more shared order sizes.)

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